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Lockdown Travel Quiz Series

Updated: May 6, 2020

Lockdown Travel Quiz #1 is one for the history books. Last week, the Quiz was posted with terrific response. Teaser questions went out beginning on last Sunday, here. On Wednesday the Quiz was launched with a livestream announcing the rest of the Quiz questions, here.

Lots of social media fans arrived from our instagram, twitter, and facebook accounts and answered quiz questions for their chance to WIN giveaway prizes.

Participants were not disappointed. We were excited to give away prizes from local Kingston businesses. Cocoa Bistro chocolates were won by Ashleigh and Lizette. Lizette was also won a $25 gift certificate at Stone City Ales. Angie won the gift certificate from Novel Idea Bookstore. Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to all who participated.

Each week, there will be another set of questions and lots of terrific giveaway prizes from local Kingston businesses. The hub of activity is on the Travel Health Experts facebook page.

Lockdown Travel Quiz #2

Here are the first three teaser questions for you get a start on this week's Quiz which launches on Wednesday evening at 8pm.

1.) The Vatican is a country with no capital city. Name another country with NO capital.

2.) The capital of Albania is known for its hospitality, cafe culture, bizarre 1980's era pyramid, and nearby mountain park. The city is:

A) Dajti

B) Tirana

C) Skanderbeg

D) Ishm

3.) The capital of Brasil is the largest Portugese-speaking capitol in the world. It is a UNESCO heritage site due to its architecture and artistic urban planning. The city is:

A) Recife

B) Rio de Janero

C) Brasilia 

D) Salvador

Three questions for you to answer but don't leave answers on this page. Visit the Travel Health Experts facebook album and leave your answers in the comments section. Don't forget to like each question's photo.

Good luck and remember: the rest of the questions will arrive Wednesday evening at 8pm, presented in a live stream by Suzanne, herself.

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