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What We Do

Travel Health Experts is your one-stop shop for all of your travel health needs. From vaccinations to medication and advice, our experienced team of experts provides comprehensive services before, during, and after your travels.

We know that everyone’s health needs are unique, so we provide a tailored service – taking into account your background, health history, and the specific needs of your trip. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll be fully prepared and protected for your next adventure.

Travel Vaccinations

 Provide you with the necessary vaccinations for the location you are traveling to

TB Skin Testing

for travel, work, or school

Monitor any risk of tuberculosis and provide ongoing guidance with TB skin testing after travel

Location  & Convenience

Same day appointments at our 2 Kingston locations

We bill directly to insurance - take out the guesswork about costs and the hassle of paperwork!


Plenty of parking at the west end location

Remote consultations available

Complete transparency every step of the way

Commitment to you having the best experience possible!



Suzanne Garrett, pharmacist and owner of Travel Health Experts, talks with the CBC's Andrew Nichols after Federal government ministers advise Canadians to avoid non-essential travel outside the country

How We Do It

Your Upcoming Trip


Pre-Travel Plan

Follow Up

Your trip is planned and you are beginning to prepare the requisite health and safety steps  


Health Consultation

Vaccination Visit

We provide a personalized pre-travel health consultation to get you ready for your travel

A check list tailor-made for your trip of the necessary vaccinations, medications, and forms, along with helpful items to prepare you for travel

Follow up with appointments for boosters when needed, inquiries about changes to travel plans, and ongoing communication is part of your free membership

Meet with a travel health expert for your vaccination visit, everything will be ready for you, including pre-billing to insurance when applicable

What Our Customers Say

"Cannot recommend this clinic enough. Suzanne is very detailed and comprehensive when going over your travel plans with you."
Group Travel

Travel Health Expert Membership

Your travel health membership is included in your consult, which includes a discount for all your future travel health needs!

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